About Me


Helping people cope with pain and stress is important to a persons’ overall well being. Stress in itself is a detriment to good health, and can create cycles in the body that eventually can lead to life changing events. This is why good diet and lots of exercise are important to ones health. exercise of all types are encouraged but I Love my WII fit and personal trainer to help me stay in shape! But what ever YOU will do to be up and moving Is fine with me. Set goals that are easy to attain and stick to and you will be better off in the long run.

If you are under extreme stress, find out how I can help you cope. You would be surprised to find out how various styles of body work can help you free yourself from the stressors of everyday life.

If you suffer from Fibromyalgia, whiplash; specific pain patterns or have been feeling sluggish after an illness, schedule an appointment - we can tailor sessions just for you. I am certified in Lymphatic Drainage and all 5 principles of Myofascial Release.  If you are expecting you should try my prenatal massage - I can show you some great things your family can do to help keep you comfortable in between sessions. 

Having a fundraiser? Contact me & we can decide how I can help make it better to maximize donations!

Are you and your friends in the mood for a Girls Day Out Party? I can provide services for that as well!

Not far from beautiful Lake of the Ozarks, the office is in my home in the woods, where it is nice and quiet, away from the noise of town. For established clients experiencing mobility problems, or highly referred new clients with pet allergies or special needs, I can travel to your home.

Contact me today to schedule your session or your Event!