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Cherylynn Gronhoff

This is where you can send me a message about setting an appointment. I will get back to you as soon as I can. A phone call is always best, so in the event of any changes, please give me a call during normal business hours. Messages received outside of normal hours will be returned the next business day. This applies to emails and texts as well. I will respond to your appointent request as quickly as possible. Please cofirm your appointent by 7pm as I will not hold it past then. 

Please be considerate of my time as well as other clients. If you are the type of person who habitually forgets to keep appointments or cancels appointments, please consider trying to make a same day appointment. This will allow someone who is serious about or who desperately needs an appointment have one. Same day cancellations or no shows are hard to fill. Frequent rescheduling or cancelling will end in terminating your relationship with me. 

Be sure to include dates and times you are available for an appointment so I can find a good match. This will save us both time. 

Please note I am not running any specials at this time. If you need help with a fundraiser or silent auction, please let me know and I will provide you with a specialty basket.

(573) 378-9907 home

22809 Shadey Road
Versailles, MO 65084

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